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HoN Tournaments are community funded tournaments hosted by and for the community. Once the donation goal has been reached, an upcoming tournament will be announced. The tournaments will be hosted in collaboration with Frostburn Studios, as a continuation of the competitive matches. The matches are available for all players on all skill levels, hopefully encouraging players to compete with other players or invite their friends to join for the fun!


Ro16(bo3): Saturday 18:00 CEST
Ro8(bo3) : Saturday 21:00 CEST
Semi Finals(bo3): Sunday 18:00 CEST
Grand Finals(bo3): Sunday 21:00 CEST


Games have to be created at the scheduled times and teams have a total of 15 minutes to start the game. If any team isnt ready by that chance then admins can give them a loss by default (bye win) however should there be a valid reason for the delay admins can grant extra time depending on the situation.
Example: Match scheduled for 18:00 CEST you have will have time to get your players and be ready until 18:15 CEST otherwise the other team will get forfeit win.
All matches are best of three (bo3) and the results have to be reported to an admin either in the hon channel (see below) or in discord (see below).


After the brackets are released, you will have to contact your opponents captain (find the names here:
Following steps have to be followed:
1. Contact your opponents captain
2. Ask him/her about the region of his/her registered team (EU/USE/USW) 3. The first team (or upper Team) in the bracket has to host the match with the matching server (see rules for hosting: Game Mode: Captains pick with Tournament rules.
4. Invite all the players into the game, no spectators asides from official casters and admins are allowed
5. Captains roll for sides (type /roll 100), highest one gets to pick the prefered side (Legion or Hellbourne)
6. Start the game once both teams are ready
7. After all your games, report the result to an Admin (example: 2-1 for team xyz)


Discord Link to contact Admins:

HoN Channel to contact Admins: 'HoN Tournaments'. Type '/j HoN Tournaments' ingame to join the chat and talk to the admins.

List of official Admins:
▷ `En0rm0us
▷ NewbieSomaZ
▷ Babymuffin
▷ Imbaboy
▷ Diimaha


Rules for official Casters who are streaming the Tournament:

1. You have to be accepted via Email as a official Caster to the tournament
2. You will be granted access to cast the tournament games
3. Put [HoNC] in your Stream title so people know that you are a official Caster for the tournament and its community
4. Try to not double cast a match when another caster is already covering that one, unless there are no other matches played out at the time
5. A 6 min delay has to be put in the stream to prevent ghosting or cheating of teams

List of accepted community Casters:
▷ Szandorlavey (
▷ HalleIujah
▷ Narcy (
▷ NewbieSomaZ (
▷ Dutchownage (
▷ c4tkaizer


The tournaments are hosted in collaboration with FrostBurn Studios

All content and graphic design on this website is created by SerraCx

Thank you to everyone who has been part of making this possible! Much love and appreciation for every donation as well!